Aging Sexually

Aging brings on menopause, disease, and disability, which changes the way our bodies respond to physical stimulation. As hormonal levels drop, men and women experience a difference in their bodily functions, and a reduced sexual desire.

Still, research shows that more and more senior citizens, even a few well into their 90s, are sexually active today. And it’s not a result of recent medical or psychological breakthroughs either. Most senior couples find the time and privacy that they didn’t have when they were younger because of family, financial and professional obligations. Plus, sex is no longer taboo and many seniors find the courage to shed their inhibitions and explore their sexuality.

Understand that it is natural for your body to slow down. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if it takes longer to get aroused or if you find it difficult to achieve orgasm. Accepting the limitations of an aging body will help you break down mental barriers that hinder freedom of sexual expression. Talk to your partner about what you feel capable of and what you can’t handle anymore. Communication is the key to any good relationship and is one of the major contributors to a healthy sex life. Discuss anything new that you would like to try out – a new position, oils and massages, role-play, toys.

As we age, sexual expression takes on new meaning. Penetration and orgasm should never be the focus of a sexual activity. This eliminates performance anxiety and gives you an insight into new levels of sexual expression and satisfaction. Take your time with sex. Indulge in longer periods of foreplay. Set the mood – have a candlelit dinner, talk to your partner about your day, sit close to each other, hold hands, kiss, caress, touch and fondle.

Talk to your doctor about any problems that you might have. Certain medications have been known to counter sexual dysfunction in aging adults. Do not self-medicate or go by the adverts that plague the internet and the media. Stay healthy, approach sex with a positive attitude, educate yourself about the different aspects of aging sexually and don’t be afraid to try out new things.

How to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation – Supercharge Your Sexual Performance And Give Orgasms!

How to get rid of premature ejaculation is an age-old problem, but there are ancient solutions that can fix the problem. 7 out of 10 men suffer from this condition, and they are extremely overwhelmed by the amount of work required to conquer premature ejaculation without help. However, there is help coming with ancient techniques from Arab cultures. A hugely high number of 70% of men suffer the rigors of premature ejaculation enhancement techniques, but they are simply not using the right exercises.

These hand exercises have been exceedingly popular with Arab cultures for thousands of years because everyone, even people in the Middle East, are incredibly intent on coming to a conclusion about how to get the most work out of their penis. If a penis comes too quickly, then you may not be able to please your wife in the way that she needs to be pleased, and she may walk out on the relationship. Premature ejaculation is a curable condition, and there are people all over the Middle East that can testify to that. However, there are an incredible amount of barriers preventing this information from reaching the United States because sexual information is so restricted in that culture. There are lots of options for creating the penis of your dreams, but you have to be committed to thoroughly embracing your penis in the way that it needs to be with legitimate hand exercises.

Simple exercises can increase the time it takes you to orgasm by a good 20 minutes, and if that’s not a good method of how to get rid of premature ejaculation, then there aren’t that many more out there that can beat that. These techniques were passed down from fathers to sons in ancient Arab cultures, and they have been around for centuries, but there aren’t a whole lot of options for people that don’t have access to this information besides taking premature ejaculation pills and so forth. It’s OK to be ashamed of this condition, and all that means is that you’re not taking the steps necessary to overcome it. How to get rid of premature ejaculation is really something that shouldn’t require any work at all.

If you’re too overwhelmed with the problems of life to go through with it, then you can simply go for the lazy man’s route and take 10-15 minutes of pleasing your wife with sexual techniques until she climaxes perfectly. Once your wife climaxes, there will be nothing stopping you from keeping her for as long as you want.

School Safe – Sexual Behavior and Security

You’re probably wondering, what does sex have to do with security? Some would say a lot. Other might answer, there’s no relation between the two. And, still others would say, what are you talking about? Then again, there’s another group, the ones who really don’t care. They don’t care as long as such things don’t go public. Depending on your perspective regarding campus safety and security, the subject could be very important. Sex and security could be part of your safety planning policies and procedures. When a breach occurs, you respond with sure and swift action. Right? Perhaps some basic questions should be asked. For example, how safe is your school from exploitation by staff and students? What about sexual battery, date rape or sexual harassment? How about teachers having sex with students? Ever done a survey about the school climate and how people feel? Do staff and students really feel safe?

We’re talking about a range of behaviors related to crime prevention strategies. In any organizational environment, personal interactions occur. Some good and some bad. This comes in many forms. Such as, supervisor to subordinate, staff to staff, staff to student and student to student. When you think of the campus environment, what comes to mind? How do the members treat each other? In terms of safety and security, we often think of alarms, officers, locks, etc. What about relationships? How safe do you feel on campus? What about sex? Are there situations where associations can be compromised? Aside from the criminal victimization, and the abuse of the victim, what about the liability? Naturally, the needs of the victims come first. So, personal safety is a crime prevention issue. Preventive measures concern early anticipation of wrongful actions. Anticipation requires vigilance and appraisal of potential problems. And, appraisal leads to action to reduce opportunities for adverse incidents.

While prevention of victimization is the goal of crime prevention, liability is also important. Hence, sex on campus can be a huge liability in more ways than one. Some, particularly in the media, are suggesting that sex on campus is increasing. Statistics can be and often are misleading. Yet, that’s beside the point. The point is, how safe is the campus environment? Recent media coverage pretends to suggest that teachers are molesting students more frequently. Does that really happen? How would we know? A couple weeks of intense national media coverage, and we’re prone think it’s an epidemic. Lately, it seems, there has been particular focus on female teachers and male students. From an historical perspective, we know that incidents involving sexuality as weapon don’t always get reported. We don’t know the exact extent to which people are victimized. Sex and security are very much related issues of campus safety. So, what are you doing to safeguard staff and students? Based on these unique considerations, are administrators seeking answers and developing solutions? Obviously, there’s no one hundred percent foolproof solution. But, there are measures that can be taken to reduce opportunities. The objective of crime prevention is just that. It’s reducing opportunities for breaches in safety and security protocols. Sometimes it’s simply called being alert and taking appropriate action.

Staff engaging in intimate contact with underage students should pose serious concerns for school administrators. Effective leadership must take a stand against unprofessional and illegal behavior. Recent headlines portray somewhat disturbing occurrences. Sex and security are modern day significant issues for the school administration. Lapses in behavioral conduct and protective measures can, in part, be traced to school management. Management must express leadership in every aspect of the school’s environment. It must be vigilant, proactive and engaged in the activities of the campus environment. If your lifestyle reflects a nice upper middle class gated community environment, with all the trappings of comfort, convenience and self-indulgence, then think again. Campus security is a deadly serious never-ending process of facilitating the safety and security of the students, staff, faculty, visitors, and property of the entire institutional infrastructure. It is an urgent and essential aspect of self-focused student life, faculty preoccupation with academic pursuits, and staff absorption with administrative burdens. Institutional safety and security is as much a component of the educational process as any other. Protective efforts support the educational and developmental mission of the entire complex mix of the realm of academia. At its best, “School Safe” practices, policies and procedures are part of a service-oriented mission, with critical goals and objectives. These collective endeavors offer unique opportunities to promote safety, security, as well as enhance education and personal responsibility.

Working together to enhance school security, staff and administrators can design and implement effective strategies. Such efforts involve proactive thinking and effective planning. Yet, no system of protective action is perfect. While banning certain kinds of conduct may be difficult, vigilance and early intervention can reduce the opportunity for incidents to occur. When clear violations of the law or policy occur, appropriate punitive action must be taken. Action must be sure, certain and swift imposed. Investigative process, legal protections and associated procedural safeguards obviously must be ensured. All personnel must be alert to breaches of trust, in which the teacher-student relationship is seriously violated. Sexual victimization must be dealt with to fullest extent of the law, school rules and public policy of the community. From school aides, to students, to teachers and principals, in cooperation with security and law enforcement, the school must be seen as a safe place to pursue an education. And, it should be noted, that no school is immune from such behavioral inclinations. No matter whether public or private, religious or secular, or any given location, abuse is highly probable. According some research, suspects included a range of persons, such as teachers, principals, custodians, bus drivers, and security personnel. Prohibitions on inappropriate relationships should be clearly spelled out in school policies and procedures. Background investigation and proper screening of personnel is essential. Misconduct must be reported, investigated and thoroughly documented. Everyone plays a key role in addressing inappropriate interpersonal behavior when school is in session. This also moving quickly to identify when boundaries have been crossed. For the teacher and the student, professional conduct applies both on and off campus, whether on or off duty.

Effective strategies for safety and security begin with leadership and supervision. Just because a staff member is in a position of authority, does not necessarily mean they are a good leader. First and foremost, good leaders lead by example. Staff and students must work together to ensure the proper reporting of misconduct, criminal behavior and other violations of policy. Clear, concise and straightforward policies on conduct should be well-published and enforced. Appropriate behavior must be modeled by the staff. Students and staff must know that certain types of behavior will not be tolerated. Everyone within the campus setting has a responsibility for safety and security of all persons. Cooperation and collaboration are essential to the overall plan of action.

From a criminal behavior standpoint, people commit illicit and illegal because they want to. They may assert some mental health excuse, once they have been caught. Or, they may claim all kinds of excuse. The bottom-line though, people do things because that is what they wanted to do. They used someone else to fulfill their need. Perpetrators know what they are doing. They find a target of opportunity and try to exploit it to their advantage. So called experts can try to explain away behavior all they want. But, in reality, people who violate rules, commit inappropriate acts or break the law, know what they are doing. Typically, there are usually early warning signs. Some may be subtle and some may be overt. The key is vigilance for any incidents that may represent safety and security problems. Staff and students should learn to be alert to improper relationships. This applies to actions that cross personal boundaries and potentially breach rules of conduct. From subtle innuendos to violent acts, all personnel should be on guard. On one level, this may apply to situations where teachers and students cross physical boundary lines. Or, look for opportunities to be alone with each other. Sometimes, it may be an issue of improper touching, or discussing sexual information that is inappropriate to academic interests. Intimate personal disclosures of one nature or another during conversations may be another indicator. These are early warnings signs that should trigger further analysis.

As a team effort, school staff and students must address openly the realm of all real world possibilities. Living and working in an academic environment must command a high level of interpersonal trust. A comprehensive safety and security plan must include the full range of personal safety issues. Possible targets of opportunity and areas of vulnerability must be assessed carefully. Schools can build upon current policies, procedures and tactics already in place. School security staffs and local law enforcement can assist in cooperative program design and implementation. Developing crime prevention countermeasures requires the full integration of thoughts and actions to keep people safe. Reducing victimization means everyone contributes to the process. A crime prevention plan involves basic concepts. Resources are available to assist administrators and teachers in proactive efforts. There are at least seven major components are essential to any safety and security plan: access controls, emergency procedures, training, communications, liaison with community partners, ongoing vulnerability assessments, mechanisms for addressing early warning indicators. Everyone should think about safety, security and relationships.


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The Harms and Reasons of Sexual Precocity Among Children

With the development of the modern society, the level of the daily life of people is raised constantly and rapidly. The puberty of the children is also shifted to an earlier date. Because of constant nutrition supplementation, the advance of puberty is rather normal. However, a kind of phenomenon called sexual precocity should be paid attention to. According to the medical research, the problems caused by sexual precocity have been more and more serious.

The harms of sexual precocity have seriously endangered the physical and psychological health of children. Generally speaking, the harms mainly include short height, imbalance of internal secretion and psychological inferiority complex and so on. Sexual precocity can shorten the growth cycle of children, and the children can not have enough time to develop their bones, which can cause the height to be short. Some children can even bear heavy burden caused by sexual precocity.

The reasons of causing such a kind of serious phenomenon are rather complex. The first reason is the constant supplementation of nutrition. Adequate nutrients can reduce the risks of getting diseases for children and accelerate the growth of them, which can further cause the precocity. The second reason is the environmental pollution. Industrial pollution has already caused the food pollution. Therefore, foods usually contain many agricultural chemicals or hormones. If children absorb too many toxic substances and hormones, sexual precocity can be caused. The third reason is the blind supplementation of nutrients. Some parents always let their children eat too many health care products which can strengthen the appetite and accelerate the development of the brain. In fact, these health care products usually contain hormones. The long-term intake of the products containing hormones can increase the level of hormones in the blood of children and further cause the precocity. The fourth reason is the cosmetics. Some children like to use the cosmetics of the adults. These cosmetics can accelerate the precocity. The fifth reason is the sexual information. The modern society is filled with various kinds of information spread by the media. Children can obtain a lot of sexual pictures and information from televisions and the internet. The sexual information can stimulate the mentality of children and make them become mature too early.

Therefore, in order to avoid sexual precocity, balanced supplementation of nutrients like fat and calcium, clean diet without serious pollutants like hormones and chemicals, and pure growth environment are rather important.

Telling Truth From Lies Regarding Men’s Sexual Health

Even among men themselves, the issue of men’s sexual health is one that is normally discussed in very low tones. This is unlike women who openly talk about these issues not only with their peers but also with doctors any time they feel or see signs that there is a problem approaching. Men on the other side are normally very reluctant to ask for help even from medical professionals and they choose to suffer in silence. We all know that it is the nature of men to keep their personal matters to themselves and when it comes to matters as delicate as sexual issues, they will be guarded very closely. During adolescence, boys almost always get all their sexual information from their peers and by the time they reach college, this is normally a closed topic they won’t discuss with anyone else.

In most cases, the sex related information that men receive from their peers as they grow up is not just interesting or titillating; most times when this information may not be accurate. Since men will keep on reducing the tendency to discuss information on sexual matters with anyone else as they grow up like women do, they end up staying with insufficient information which could also be incorrect, especially when you consider that the source of information is their peers. This is the reason why most men are dazed whenever there are issues to do with the sexual health and they bury themselves deeper into this cocoon.

To the advantage of men who love privacy, there are nowadays a number of websites that are teeming with this kind of information. This means that men can now access important information in privacy through their computers or internet enabled mobile phones. Since all this information can be accessed in privacy and anonymity, men have come to love the internet even more. The greatest challenge, however, is the fact that there are websites that disseminate incredible or bogus information on this important subject. Any man who is not smart could end up with lots of bogus information which could endanger his own life.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue of men’s sexual health is for a man to join an online men’s sexual health forum where they can discuss with professionals and other men on different topics. These forums are known to give proper information regarding tips, risks and people also get to share some of their personal experiences. In most cases, some of the most popular topics covered on these forums include matters to do with erectile dysfunction. Anything to do with impotence can be a very sensitive issue for men to discuss openly because it generally connotes some forms of personal humiliation. Men dealing with this challenge can actually get credible information and have all their hard questions answered thereby alleviating anxiety and leading them to looking for treatment options.

Other important issues that could be discussed in these forums will include topics such as how to improve your libido. Men visiting online forums have the privacy that allows them to freely talk about their problems and in the process they can get information regarding any underlying lifestyle or medical issues and how they affect their sexual health. Some of the issues that could come out will include matters to do with diet, physical fitness as well as weight management. Sometimes men will also talk about specific health matters that are considered more embarrassing such as Peyronie’s disease, which is the inability to retract the foreskin, abnormal developments of the male organ as well as matters to do with STIs. You can visit online men’s health forums as one of the best avenues for getting information that will help you decide when its time to seek medical attention regarding some male sexual problems.